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Monday, March 29, 2010

Witty qoute

"Every person must know their place in life."

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Every man fail sometime.
Every man faith is tested sometime.
Every man feel as if life is falling apart sometime.
Every man find love one or two times before their life end.
Every man's fate is for a future ferity.
Every man's freedom is found in its pursuit of perfertion.
Every man's fear is sometime the unknown.
Every man's feet is to walk the walk.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


It is a little too soon to look elsewhere.
It is a little too soon to rise up and run.
If it is now, then it is done.
Don’t tell me it is my time to turn.
Though it may seem sweet to start a new venture,
However it is still soothe to wait a little.


Broken glasses in a Book shelf.
Broken cups in the case of beer.
Broken plates in a Chinese place.
Particular in the pot of soup,
That’s where you found pieces of cut meat.
No matter how broken it is,
We can still put it together, or
Replace it, has time permits us.
Broken house in the heart of hostility
Broken promises hurt the soul.
Broken antic is like a lost memory.
Broken life can easily be repaired with love,
But broken friendship will never go back to be the same.
I don’t want it broken,
So, I strive to stay strong in the midst of the storm.
I don’t want it broken,
So, I bring myself to the knee just to tender it.

“Every Day”

Every day comes with the challenges it brings along.
Everyday someone will be in a situation beyond his or her control.
Every day starts with its own unique slowness, but ended up peaking at a standard time.
Everyday an uncommon story surface around us.
Every day it takes a genius to go further than usual.
Every day we use our understanding of things to increase our knowledge of something else.
Every day children were born to a community.
Every day seems the same ,
But slightly different in the sky ,and thought,
Since it gives us a unique sign.
Every day we celebrate the certainty that it went well,
It could have been a catastrophic for the earth.
Every day shows me that something new is possible.