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Friday, August 14, 2009

Everything Educates us....

Looking outside I noticed a rainy cloud
Saturated the sky.
It seems though it could only hold on for a second.
Well, if it does fall there is always room to suck it in.
Though, often times when it fall,
It better help us to harvest good moisture crop,
At the End of the year.
However, too much of it might spoil,
The purpose of it .
Even though, it is relevant,
To add a little water to the ground,
It makes all sense in the world,
To be as proportionate as possible.
There is something causing change to be so stiff,
However one could only do a little at a time.
Though change without hope might be hard to chew.
It’s relevant to hope for something yet unseen,
But the glimpse of it ,as to be sure.
Someone should please summarize the system of things to me
As far as I know, rain have its season in our calendar.
And we do know the necessary cycle of rain in our ecological system.
Well!That should tell us something else about...
our self and social interaction with nature.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


It’s another night,
That the nest is near for birds.
It’s another night,
That neither I nor no one...
knows when the end will come.
It’s another night,
That every nightmare...
Could be mere warning.
It’s another night,
That need monitoring cause,
Minute by minute,
Something notorious is possible.
Another night comes with another Nile.
Another night might be another dream,
So dream a little.
Last night was a night of no returns.
This night should spell a new day.
Some night needs the sky light,
While some night will be naturally bright.
The night is a time to reminisce.
Night is a gift to humanity.
Just the other night I stay up all night,
And watch how dark turns to daylight.
Take me back to the night,
When my nightmare,
And my dream, were in conflict,
Then am sure I still have some dream of mine.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

"Now and Later"

There is no peace inside the house,
Likewise there is no peace outside the house.
Where then is the ultimate peace we all seek.
Perhaps there is absolute peace in heaven,
Because, I know there is no peace in hell,
Since, that is, where teeth are going to be gnashing.
Heaven is a place where sorrow will be sold,
There is where joy will be brought with the sacrifice,
We make here on earth, enduring the struggle of a good Christian life,
We have already paid the price, now is the time to celebrate with song of praise.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another Day

Another day in the park, seemed,
To be another day in the paradise.
Another day on the planet, seemed
To be like another day in the prison,
Since freedom is extremely a plight
Another day without praying,
Is even worse than not placing...
Your priority straight in life.
Another day spend not planning,
Is like planning to fail.
Another day, playing without any work done,
Is like playing with fire,
That will burn up your prosperity.
Another day in our life should be...
Another day we’re ready to revamp...
Our stardom –bound power to succeed.
If in fact, you do have another day,
Try as much to lead a pure life.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Necessary tools for life.

What are we committed to?
Are we committed to...
Our selfish pride!
Or we should be committed,
To a peaceful world.
Do we answer the question,
Our heart ask us?
Or do we just go about arrogant,
And want to be in control altitude.
Do we really portray.
All that our conscience...
Edify us to do?
Better still,
The quality of our heart,
Justify the quantity of...
Who we are.
Lets know that the essence...
Of our being,
Is to live for what is right.
How sweet is the melody of your heart,
If it is built...
On the base of truth.
One day,
I know, pretty soon, we would ask,
What is love?...Love is life;
Love is kind;
Love is a living substance,
That rules through...
Every long-lasting relationship;
Love is better define in truth;
Love assemble the soul of individuals,
And a nations.
Love is without a blame.
Love is without pride.
Love is consistence with...
Your personal life.
Love exalt your soul, when depressed.
Love is the medicine for poverty.
Love stops the act of Corruption .
Love answer the toughest questions.
Love is the fuel,
That is in vehicle of...
Every machinery entity of human being.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

understanding God's unconditional love.

Walking daily
In your sight,
I see,
The sacrifice...
of which,
You've saved me.
Reaching deeper
Into your word
I see
That the meaning,
Make me...
To marvelously
Praise you lord.
Even if I have,
A thousand tongue,
I do know,
I won’t be able..
To absolutely,
testify of...
Your glorious grace.
Everything,I am,
I owe it to you.
Knowing vividly,
Your love is..
For my salvation.
What more can..
I ask for,
When I do know,
There is nothing
you don’t know,
Or cannot do.
Last night,
you gave me many,
To long suffer
For your loving
Arm wrap around me.
I cannot imagine,
A life without your love.
Loving you
Is the best thing
That has ever happen,
To me.
You care,
Even when I don’t
Extraordinary behavior.
Each time,
I think of you,
And praise,
Is always,
At the tip of my lips.
Today and tomorrow,
In your presence.
Is where I want to be.
Your love for me,
I know is more than a dog,
With its nursing child.
Lord the only thing,
That gives me hope,
It is you in my head.
Thank you heavenly lord,
For taking me on
An heavenly journey. July 8 2009. 3.49 am- 4.20am.

On the roof top

On the roof top
Is where,
The birds
Build Their nest.
On the roof top
Is where
The builders
work of art.
On the roof top
Is where,
I will go,
If it occur
To me,
To scream,
For the world,
To hear.
On the roof top
Is where,
The church...
Is located.
On the roof top
Is where
Snows falls,
Later turns
To hail,
And it then,
Drop again.
On the roof top
Is where...
Are not allow..
To reach.
On the roof top
Is where
Are kept...
Of which,
Are received.
On the roof top
Is where
The view of...
The immediate
Is seen,
As it is.
Let us clean up,
Our roof top
That way,
We can stay
And Then
we could call it,
where we reside.


The wind blew my mind away.
The wind beneath my wing.
The wind belong to
Mother nature.
The wind whistle a change,
In the weather.
The wind bewildered
Through unwanted norms.
The wind, The wind...
The wind begins with..
A warning.
The wind bears the scar.
The wind whine a little,
And it win more.
The wind boldly muse
Its way through.
More grease to the elbow of,
The wind