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Friday, April 15, 2011

Is your heart right?

Life is not as difficult as you think it to be. It is how you decide to deal with the circumstances life throw at you that will determine how easy or how far you will go in life.Life, often as not, gives you challenges so that through those things, you can have choices to choose from. From all of the things that had happened to you or will happen to you in life, it is the pain you suffer that will surely propel you to action.
Just as in, when you are ill-ed that's when you go to the hospital. As you go to the hospital for cure of your illnesses that's how you will have to go get the cure to your challenges in life.The magnitude of challenges you face will determine how much you want the cure.
What you want isn't something that keep you complacency, but rather, what will keep you active.Be active by any means necessary.Be active in your service to others.Never never let your present circumstances steal the best part of you away.Along your way to higher ground or success in life the road will or maybe steep, but step by step you shall reach you end point.
As you travel from point A to point B in life always remember to hold on to certain value that add earnest quality to your person.As you grow nominal in life, your real person grow as well.Your well-being in life is determine by how much virtue you add to yourself.Every virtue you gain in life set you on for a very victorious height.
Verily, you're rewarded in life for how high is your virtue against your vice.A virtuous man or woman is more likely to be king or Queen than a vicious person.That's why it is worth a good fit to favor a way of life that allow you to be a virtuous person.Someone faced with a certain circumstances, then over the years of that situation develop a virtue of patience, he or she has overcome one of the highest level of human imperfection. Since, Life in general is moving from one state of imperfection to a state of perfection.
Perhaps, someone that when through several phases of situations in their life.And those situation in turn kept him or her humble all the time.That person has being blessed with the virtue of humility.These two virtue to me, are the highest level of virtue, every other virtue follow sought.Virtue of empathy, Virtue of love,Virtue of diligent and many more.You think of any good thing,it is a virtue.
Another way to call your circumstances is a state of war.Sometimes, we wonder why we are at war all the time.Time and again,you wage war within and without yourself so that you can achieve internal and external peace.However, that peace does not come until you fight a good fight.
The one and only way to fight is to pursue peace with Every body around you.You must do so by all your mind, heart and soul.As you fight you must remember to go to war with the right attitude, ensuring to target the right situation at the right time so that you can come out with the right result. You will only see result if you act right.You can not act right if your heart is not right.
So, the question is, is your heart right? Is your heart right?Are you living for the right cause?Your heart is right if first you embrace the situation as a problem, then you begin to set up strategic and tactic plan to fix the problem.Your heart is right,if you have love in your heart.Love, of the problem in your situation and the willingness to want to solve it.Love of the people that suffer the most in that problem.Is your heart right? If your heart is right, you will always reach out of your comfort zone at all times to help anyone around you.If your heart is right, you will always live simple as you can.
If your heart is right, you will always follow your heart, which is your conscience.Follow your heart.Guide your heart.Guide your heart from all unwanted wisdom so the you can unshackle yourself from bondage of foolishness.
In every thing you do get wisdom, all in all you get understanding.Understanding of your situation will make it easier for you to bring ease to it.Someone with out understanding become unruly and disturbed all the time with no cause.If your heart is right, you will have no cause to worry for anything. If your heart is right, you will be hunger and thirsty for righteousness.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

An Extraordinary Adventure

You and I know that extraodinary people do extraordinary things. And end is not the begining, but the end is the begining of all things.You and I also know that God is the begining and the end of all things.That's why it is essential for anyone that set to do anything extraordinary to begin and end with God in mind.
In doing so. Our mind shall be one with the one that create and re-create all things.In our mind, the biggest among us shall be turndown or fall to the bottom,but the smallest among us shall be allow in or rise to the top Why?Because they will pass through the eye of a needle, through extraordinary measure to reach the home of uncommon esctasy, joy unspeakable.
No more will our heart stop because of no blood.Our heart shall be fuel with the fluid of hope.Hope in something we can see,hear, and cannot see or hear.Our heart and mind shall make the ocean water wavy.But we shall calm it with our soul.How? Our soul shall seek for righteous things and be kept in a peaceful place.
A place like heaven.Here or there.I don't know where. but I do know whereever it may be, it will be an extraordinary place;Full of beautiful flowers. Green grasses. Images of mountains so far away. Fine colorful field.Here or there, it shall be free of all earthly worries.No more pain in the back, leg or hand.No more bleeding of red blood.But rather love blood.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Blessed Fellow

I'm a blessed fellow. I’m a bundle of God's blessing. I always follow my heart. Since, I Know God's word is in my heart. Going strictly by God's word. I always rejoice in the lord. Again I say, I rejoice. I rejoice because my life is full of hope. So much so, I am more hopeful than a pregnant hen. Even so, I'm impregnated with all sorts of simple solutions to the most critical problem of our time.

Why? Because God has deposited the seed of greatness in me and also in you. You’ve nothing to worry about, but worry itself. It’s in you. You have the ability to do great things. The greatest misconception in life is to think you cannot achieve anything in life. That’s the devil dominating your thought. Don't give the devil any chance at all.

Chances are if you do, you will think you can't or won't make it. But, Yes you can. You can make it, if you try. "You are an over comer". That’s what the bible said, "You are more than a conqueror”. You are the epitome of triumph. You can face your trial and tribulation in life, knowing that, they will not move you. You will move them, because, you have faith. The bible said, if you have faith as little as the mustard seed you will say to the mountain move and it shall move. That's how powerful you can be if you have hope. Have faith.

As faith is the assurance of things hope for, the evidence of things not seen? Even though, you haven't seen it. You know you have it. It is coming to you by your faith. For instance, as a farmer, till the ground, plant the seed. Water the seed. They need faith to see it to grow. Like wise, you cultivate and sow. You shall reap. You shall reap at the right time. God’s time. In due season, you shall see the fruit of your labor. Even as the bible said, come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, I will give you rest. Be rest assured you will succeed in life.

Success comes when you purpose in your heart never never to give up and never never to give in. Stand firm in the lord without standing still. Allow the small still voice to direct your daily activities. God will surely provide for you, your daily bread. God is the rewarded for those that diligently seek him. Seek the lord. Be steadfast towards righteousness. Be oaks of righteousness. As a fine oak bring beauty to a piece of furniture artwork. You shall bring beauty to your world, and the world at large.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Joy unspeakable

Joel 1 vs 12 (KJV)
The vine is dried up, and the fig tree languisheth; one pomegranate tree, the palm tree also, and the apple tree, even all the trees of the field, are withered: because joy is withered away from the sons of men.

One of the uncommon thing in this time and age is the joy unspeakable the Bible promised those who believe in the God of Peace. This is why, many people’s faith or confidence in God is cold. They no longer trust God as much anymore. They are dependant on their own abilities to do all things. Not only that, they don’t trust each other any more, even as the God of Peace open their spiritual eyes to do so.
Many Christmas seasons ago, my family had just been robbed by an unknown thief. He or she had stolen all the savings my mother had kept aside for the family’s personal use. Devastating as anyone can imagine. Everyone in my household at the time were feeling grief and agony. As for the robbery, nobody was clean. We are all a possible suspect. Except my mother, of course, but instead of her to exercise patience. and probably show a strong sense of humor, in order, to bring
everyone back to a joyous mood. Instead, she decided to inflict more pain and suffering on us. Since, she had magically concluded that the only way the money could have been stolen is if the person that did it have some in-house assistance to do so, or it is an in-house job.
Based upon her security analysis, she said that could only be the case. So, she decided to torment us until at least one of us will confess to her what we know about the robbery.
Unfortunately, nobody did. Because none of us was the thief. This raised some questions. Did she trust us not to have done it. Or did she lost her trust in God, that God will provide for her and see her through all the misfortunes.
Many of us found ourself in this dilemma trusting God completely. Even when it seems though the devil has come to steal our joy away, in one sentence, "never, never give in".

I have written a poem along that line to encourage you.As you read the poem, you can think of you and a little baby, just as you carry or cuddle them and they trust you completely.

My fingers rest on your shoulder
My head rest on your heart.
I can feel your heart beat
And my heart is beating too
Because I trust you completely heavenly Father.

I encourage you today to trust in God at all times. And trust one another completely as well. By so doing, the joy unspeakable we seek in our heart will be ours. Amen.