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Friday, October 15, 2010

God Bless You.

Please don't be carried away with the eloquence of my words, but rather, be transform by my similar human experience as yours.Since, it is out of those experiences you've great Human understanding.The deeper your experience is, the deeper your knowledge will develop.I'm no different than you.And I'm no more favored than you are.I'm only fortunate to make right decisions at the right time. And I pray to God to always let me be at the right place and to be doing the right things with the right people.God's people.I didn't let my eyes to overshadow my God-given virtue of courage.Instead,I stand strong through all stormy weather of life.I throw in my all by God's grace,through the tide and current of the ocean of life.I hold on to God's love I know it's all I need to triumph.I took all the test life had asked me to take.I learnt alot of lessons along the way. I pulled myself by my boatstrap, ready at all times to carryout my duties as though I'm a soldier.At the end of the day,I realized it is only if I act righteously that's when I will reach the end of something new, and better place in life. Right there aand then. I proceed with a promise to myself,and to God that I will always do all by God's mercy and power to lead a pure life. And I will always By God's annioting let my light shine.So, I'm charging you today go outthere and let your light shine. Becuase the brighter you and I light shines, then, the brighter the dark and wild world we'rr living in now, the brighter it's going to be. God bless you.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Imagine the only religion there's is unconditional love.
Imagine we do all it takes to give peace a chance.
Imagine you and me living loving they and them as much as the moon light blues.
Imagine a world without worrys for anything.
Imagine a world feel with just joy
Imagine the world live in harmony as one.


Love is in my heart,
To give.
Love is in my vein,
It's the blood I bleed.
Love is in my head,
It send signal to my soul and body.
Without Love I'm helpless.
I'm paralysed without a walking stick.
With Love I'm alive.
With love I'm Lively
With Love my heart is happy.
Without Love I'm lonely.
Without Love I'm nobody.
Without love I'm dying
With love I'm shining in the sky.
With love I'm sailing through the ocean of life.
With love I'm a champion
Love is all we need to be who we can be
Love is all I need to see another day.

Friday, September 3, 2010


Monday, May 24, 2010


Children are the delight of our awesome creator.
Children are the smile of every states.
Children reminds me of mine childhood memory or dreams.
In every children there is a possibility of a blissful purpose.
Children are the apple in the eye of every creative society.
Children stands as a symbol of 'statue of liberty'.
A child in school is like a scientist in a laboratory.
Come to think of it ,
Children are like a diamond that refuse a porn shop.
Let us love our children dearly,
If we are to live well in life.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I have spent several moment in my life,
Staring straight to the sky.
Asking several question as to, what is the solution of my life struggle?
Sometimes, I have thought may be my mind, and the sky is the same.
Why? cause my mind is blue , and the sky is blue.
Since my mind is blue ,
I know surviving is sure cause blue is love,
And love is life.
What more should I ask of life,
when loving it irrespective of what it shows me,
Is all I needed to move on ,I stay strong,….
And ready to reach a height only hope can take me to .
In it all I step out of the box, and love no matter what.
I encourage you to do the same if you’re to envision a fine future like me

Monday, April 12, 2010

"Without the holy spirit”.

Something special happen each time
The spirit of the living God is upon me.
In no time my physical eye will be close
And my spiritual eye will be open
To see the things that are hidden.
I don’t want to know what it will be like for me
Without the holy spirit in my life.
If everything I do or say is still by my own selfish self
Then, I don’t want to live no more.
Lord teach me your ways,
And that I will surely work with you.
Though the world may be weather twitching
But I know I will not be seasonal for your glory and grace upon me.
Though the world may be unsure of your awesomeness
But I am sure of your awesomeness,
And exceedingly mercy you’ve for us all
If not for your mercy where will I have being .
If not for your hope for my life, how trouble will my heart as being.
Lord you are so good ,so much so, that,
I don’t know how to quantify your goodness.
So I say you are the very good example of what is good.
Lord you’re my everything and my everything is you.
Lord you are the breath that I breath in everyday.
Lord you are the lord of my life.
Lord you are the reason why I am here.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


You thought you will never see your destiny, but reality struck,
So ! things change .
You thought you will never shine , but the rainfalls,
And the sun shines.
You thought you will never reach there,
But! Here you’re sharing fine moment with the ones you love.
You thought you will never be call upon to share your opinion,
But! Here you’re your opinion count a lot.
You thought you will never win something in life,
But! Here you’re a champion.
You’re what you said you’re.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Comfort during a storm of commotion .
Comfort when the weather is too stealth.
Comfort is not something common but it is something costly.
Comfort cause some to selfishly acquire wealth.
Comfort is what wealth cannot give.
Comfort is a thing of spiritual gift.
That’s why meditation with God’s word gives comfort ,..
More than so many gold or silver.
In comfort there is good health.
In comfort there is every cause to celebrate.
In comfort more knowledge can be acquired.
In comfort so many commotion could be corrected.
Comfort comes with more courage,
Courage comes with more character of the mind.
Conversely, more character of the mind brings about a community of good soldier.
Soldier protect the constitution of the land.
Constitution are careful stipulation of what is right to do.
What is right to do are sometimes contradictory.
However, profoundly it states the basics way to go in life.
That’s why the bible is a book that gives comfort to the soul

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


In the midst of all my mediocrity memory,I
I make myself mold up to become the mystic river of righteous thought.
As I try not to allow my world to rule mine mind,
But I allow my imagination of what is possible to rule through my soul-
---what a wonderful world !
Even as, the hot water is boiling ,
And no one is ready to take off, the water pot from the fire.
I will ensure I use the hot water to bath by adding some cold water to it,
So that, it could be warm enough for the next entity in line to use.
---what a wonderful world!
In the midst of mediocrity memory comes the right stroke on the starlight…
Like the stroke of a genius .
Each step I take remind me of the last success I reach in life.
Despite the trouble I am going through, I still thrust forward more than ever,
Even, reaching backward to pull others along with me.
As I scale through the Hudson river of life –
---What a wonderful world.
Even though the mountain is rugged,
My mind is more rugged than you can imagine, so I am always ready…
Fired up and ready to go
---What a wonderful world.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Where was I when the end will just come.
When will I wake up, and walk away from my witchcraft.
Though, it is necessary to witch something out of the whim of many wonders.
It is still relevant to wish for what is right.
Then,how will I reach my highest temple.
Reaching there is taking it one step at a time.
Take a step backward, and forward.
knowing that both movement is relevant.
Backward will be to think while forward will be to act.
Act with the soul of a monster.
And think with the mind of king Solomon.
Don’t let your imagination make you mad,…..
Because imagination without actualization will keep your mind wandering too much.
Try to stop a little, and reflect on life matters, instead of , living matters all the time.
Issues of life is issues deeply rooted in our religion,
Because life is a legion rooted in our religion.
If I have a say here I will simply say the only religion, we should ….
practice and preach daily in the world is unconditional love.
Unconditional love should be made an universal language period.

"Mindset of a Champion”

One winter morning,…..
when the weathers seem as if
It is going to weigh me down,
From not going through with the,
I want to be meeting of intelligible minds.
As I sit back, and ponder over the purpose of the day.
I come to a conclusion that winter will not stop me from not winning.
So,I proceed with the mindset to progress towards the best possible outcome.
Call it what you may call it, it is a defining moments for me, and my fellow warrior at war.
Daily I throw in my all to succeed,
With a pride that will be documented in my diary as though..
I came, I saw, and I conquered.
Let this day be remembered as the day I didn’t give up to the tough resilient weather.
But I weather through times with full sense of courage; Knowing that, in all I do, that’s all I need to survive.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Even though have being told by unfortunate few that am unwise.
Many still think I speak something wise to their needs.
What then is my worth?
I think my worth goes to the amount of wise words,…
I share with the soul that needs it.
So many thinks life is not a fiery tale,
But I think life is only fair to those who trust in their gut.
Though trials and tribulation will come,
But what will take charge of it all is your inner self.
There is two side to that self, as there’re two side to a coin.
One side tells you, you know! “YOUCAN’T DO IT”.
And the other side will say you know what! “YES YOU CAN”.
Ask me, which side should you take,
Obviously ,the “YES YOU CAN ” I guess.
However though, the “YES YOU CAN ” has two side to it too.
The first side will only benefit yourself alone,
While the second side will benefit both you, and the world around you.
Now tell me which side will you take ;
For sure, If I could decide for you I will say,…
please take the side that benefit the common good.
Though, it might be fair to say the “YOU CAN’T DO IT” part, have a point too.
Since in life ,you can’t do it all, but you can try your best, and leave the rest.
Overall though, ten thousand times, I think times ten, the YES YOU CAN is a trusted thought.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

“Journey of a thousand miles”

As I pitch out my passport,
Ready to propose on a purposeful journey
Journey of people with principled mindset.
Suddenly,I realized it is not proper to pretend all is well,
when it is not really well.
Then and there, I get on my knees,
Pray and praise
GOD knows for how long.
Though,it is a journey we all must journey together,
I still strongly believe;
it’s a journey that required each and every one of us,
To stand up, and keep on moving.

Now is the time

Take me to a place where there is so much soul,
where we just take it slow.
Take me to a place where the lions just want to lay low.
Take me to a place where people don’t want to go
Cause! they’re scared what peace can bring.
Take me to a place where soul roll,
where justice and righteousness flow;
Would you take me to a place please.
A place of comfort,
A place where there is so much joy day in, and night out.
A place like a paradise of hope.
A place where people have the audacity to hope.
A place where the plain thin fat white ,and black can sit together for a cup of tea.
A place where the lamb and the wolf could be brother again.
A place where the Jews the gentiles the Yoruba could reside, and call their home .
A place like heaven on earth.
A place where it is not so many people will go if we don’t let it happen here on earth .
A place of harmony,
A place to always smile, and never worry about nothing.
I know I will be there, I guess, I will see you there too,
And am sure we can get there if we do try.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Every man fail sometime.
Every man faith is tested sometime.
Every man feel as if life is falling apart sometime.
Every man find love one or two times before their life end.
Every man's fate is for a future ferity.
Every man's freedom is found in its pursuit of perfertion.
Every man's fear is sometime the unknown.
Every man's feet is to walk the walk.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


It is a little too soon to look elsewhere.
It is a little too soon to rise up and run.
If it is now, then it is done.
Don’t tell me it is my time to turn.
Though it may seem sweet to start a new venture,
However it is still soothe to wait a little.


Broken glasses in a Book shelf.
Broken cups in the case of beer.
Broken plates in a Chinese place.
Particular in the pot of soup,
That’s where you found pieces of cut meat.
No matter how broken it is,
We can still put it together, or
Replace it, has time permits us.
Broken house in the heart of hostility
Broken promises hurt the soul.
Broken antic is like a lost memory.
Broken life can easily be repaired with love,
But broken friendship will never go back to be the same.
I don’t want it broken,
So, I strive to stay strong in the midst of the storm.
I don’t want it broken,
So, I bring myself to the knee just to tender it.

“Every Day”

Every day comes with the challenges it brings along.
Everyday someone will be in a situation beyond his or her control.
Every day starts with its own unique slowness, but ended up peaking at a standard time.
Everyday an uncommon story surface around us.
Every day it takes a genius to go further than usual.
Every day we use our understanding of things to increase our knowledge of something else.
Every day children were born to a community.
Every day seems the same ,
But slightly different in the sky ,and thought,
Since it gives us a unique sign.
Every day we celebrate the certainty that it went well,
It could have been a catastrophic for the earth.
Every day shows me that something new is possible.