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Friday, October 15, 2010

God Bless You.

Please don't be carried away with the eloquence of my words, but rather, be transform by my similar human experience as yours.Since, it is out of those experiences you've great Human understanding.The deeper your experience is, the deeper your knowledge will develop.I'm no different than you.And I'm no more favored than you are.I'm only fortunate to make right decisions at the right time. And I pray to God to always let me be at the right place and to be doing the right things with the right people.God's people.I didn't let my eyes to overshadow my God-given virtue of courage.Instead,I stand strong through all stormy weather of life.I throw in my all by God's grace,through the tide and current of the ocean of life.I hold on to God's love I know it's all I need to triumph.I took all the test life had asked me to take.I learnt alot of lessons along the way. I pulled myself by my boatstrap, ready at all times to carryout my duties as though I'm a soldier.At the end of the day,I realized it is only if I act righteously that's when I will reach the end of something new, and better place in life. Right there aand then. I proceed with a promise to myself,and to God that I will always do all by God's mercy and power to lead a pure life. And I will always By God's annioting let my light shine.So, I'm charging you today go outthere and let your light shine. Becuase the brighter you and I light shines, then, the brighter the dark and wild world we'rr living in now, the brighter it's going to be. God bless you.

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