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Thursday, March 10, 2011

An Extraordinary Adventure

You and I know that extraodinary people do extraordinary things. And end is not the begining, but the end is the begining of all things.You and I also know that God is the begining and the end of all things.That's why it is essential for anyone that set to do anything extraordinary to begin and end with God in mind.
In doing so. Our mind shall be one with the one that create and re-create all things.In our mind, the biggest among us shall be turndown or fall to the bottom,but the smallest among us shall be allow in or rise to the top Why?Because they will pass through the eye of a needle, through extraordinary measure to reach the home of uncommon esctasy, joy unspeakable.
No more will our heart stop because of no blood.Our heart shall be fuel with the fluid of hope.Hope in something we can see,hear, and cannot see or hear.Our heart and mind shall make the ocean water wavy.But we shall calm it with our soul.How? Our soul shall seek for righteous things and be kept in a peaceful place.
A place like heaven.Here or there.I don't know where. but I do know whereever it may be, it will be an extraordinary place;Full of beautiful flowers. Green grasses. Images of mountains so far away. Fine colorful field.Here or there, it shall be free of all earthly worries.No more pain in the back, leg or hand.No more bleeding of red blood.But rather love blood.

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